The Blues in the Arts: Ways to Go Around the Artist Block


An artist going around the artist block.

Creative thoughts are intangibly flowing out onto the world, penetrating all that is as it ripples through the essence of life by morphing new artistic ways.

It’s inconceivable to the creative thought that mere ungraspable notions could bring an artistic mind to a full stop, where an unavailing grasp linger and last.

Such an experience sometimes has the power to render an artist in lesser emotional thoughts towards his or her work in unwanted ways with nowhere to go.  

This is a perspective in finding a way around an artist block.

What’s an Artist Block? 

A large block hindering an artist from creating.

Well, if you are an artist, especially an active one, you probably have run into a mental clog that doesn’t seem to go away sometimes.

The usual term for this is called an Artist Block.

You got all the creative potential in you or the necessary skills under your belt to artistically produce, but you don’t seem to have any impetus to create or perform what you want.

The reason behind one’s artist block might differ person to person, but a common attribute is the lack of creative impulse or inspiration.

Inspiration itself comes freely to one as a guiding light, or it might require much effort, or even a long physical or intellectual journey from time to time to attain it.

If one doesn’t get to that creative point, passed the artist block, it has a gradual tendency to bring about shades of emotional colors unwanted by an artist.

Simmering Emotions

Various colors emanating from an artist to represent emotions of the artist block.

Emotions come and go, but thoughts are always present in an artist creative actions or inaction. Behind those thoughts, there could be an artist block.

The essence of such mental inertia if encountered by an artist, it could reflect and develop some adverse emotions as pensive sadness, suppressed anger or excitement.

When one gets to that block, it’s actually a crossroad, which one could go around it, but emotions coming from it tend to blur one’s mental vision, so it appears as a dead end.

Even if it was a dead end somehow, it brings an artist the opportunity to blaze a new path to brand-new horizons of uncharted territory of creative thought. 

An artist pioneering through any simmering emotions that might emerge from an artist block could take this very block as a stepping-stone to test and improve your creativity skills.

The more you practice getting around these blocks, the less insurmountable they’ll seem in the future. They aren’t part of the art process itself, but they are expected to show up sometimes as part of your journey. 

Learn from every artist block you might face each time they come up. They’re in actual fact potentially creative new beginnings awaiting your arrival.

In Search of Afflatus

The glimmering eye of an artist in search of inspiration itself.

An artist yearning to arrive to his or her final creation constantly fuels their desire to create in the arts.

It always stems from a divine creative impulse or inspiration. That’s afflatus.

Some artists consider this the lifeblood upon which art depends on to perpetually imbue an artist with the needed impulse to produce his or her artwork.   

If one takes a closer look at the essence of creative inspiration, it tends to permeate one’s mind or at least one is seeking for it one-way or the other.

Every single thing that a person does in a daily basis appears to be driven by an impulse or an inspiration to do or not to do something. So it must be a vital and intrinsic element in the world of the arts.

Thus, afflatus has the power to give or take life from one’s creative work.

So, finding it is of the essence when having an artist block.

Flying Creative Whims

An abstract picture of a person to symbolize ideas disappearing into thin air if not recorded.

The presence of sudden creative thoughts is sometimes a cues or clue as to where one should go to gain full inspiration.

Inspiration usually gets conceived as being an unexpected full revelation about some idea or subject that urges one to do or become something, but quite often it comes to one in smaller parts leading to its final form. 

As an artist goes through his or her day, there is a chance that they have some or many brief instances of bright creative ideas coming to their mind, but quickly disappearing forevermore.

Unless, such bits of inspirations get recorded and compiled when they first arrived in one’s conscious thoughts, they might or might not come back again and possibly be forgotten into oblivion. 

It can be very handy for an artist to keep around a small notebook or app on your phone to jot down sudden ideas. So, they could eventually be given the chance to arrive to your final artistic renditions in the future.

Save your ideas and keep them from going a way.

Ways to Go Around the Artist Block 

Colorful lights around an artist to illustrate thoughts trying to go the artist block for inspiration.

Life and the world at large comprises many perspectives, but some could lead to roadblocks if mentally fixated on for too long.

Whether something is a life or not, even sentient or not, it has its own unique perspective, or it gives at least a position for someone to perceive life from.

If you find yourself pinned down with an artist block, where you can’t perceive or contemplate anymore in how you could start or continue with your creative work, this is what you should try:

Creatively triangulate your own way out of the artist block.

By this is not meant, an actual process of triangulation to determine one’s exact physical location by using triangles, but an intellectual way of finding new ideas or inspirations.

You could almost call this creative triangulation, an artistic compass. It gives you the perceptions of north, south, east and west in your mind that you need in order to find your inspiration.

Remember, an artist block is not a block, but a crossroads upon which you can navigate yourself around towards new beginnings, but occasionally gets clouded up with unwanted emotions making it appear as a dead end.

If your thoughts are unmoving as an artist, it means that it requires some sort of greasy substance to get the mental cogwheels moving again. Through using creative triangulation, it can help you attain such mental state to continue to create.

Seeing things through your own ideas, emotions, and thoughts, including your imagination and experiences.

. Assuming a mental perception through the eyes of other living things, whether human or not, as if we were them somehow in order to extrapolate their views.

. Imagining a mental outlook of inanimate objects or elements in the world or the universe as if you were in their position to have such creative perspective.  

If you encounter an artist block, use the above concepts to help you triangulate your inspirations. It will help you catapult yourself above such a block and onto the other side, where you want to be at as an artist, leaving you free to create.  

But make sure to avoid getting too fixated on one element or perspective amongst your thoughts towards any art you do or perform because that’s how the block tends to come about in the first place.

Therefore, the practice of triangulating your creative thoughts will eventually help you gain good mental fluidity with continuous inspiration through shifting perspectives.

Thus, keeping the mind artistically fresh and alive with new ideas.

The Unblocked Thought in the Arts

An artist free from the artist block with an unstoppable idea to keep creating..

Inspiration is always there without a doubt. It’s a matter of how you get there.  

The artist block is just a matter of perspective.  

One could wait for inspiration to arrive or proactively search for it until he or she gets pass this block.

Creatively triangulate and be artistically free with a fresher look.

There’s no brighter mind than the one filled with much inspiration. 

Find it and artistically win. 

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