Scorching Heat and Pollution: How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair?

Scorching Heat and Pollution: How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair?

The scorching heat and pollution always have added to skin and hair care problems. Extreme heat causes issues like rashes and tanning, while severe pollution ruins the skin and makes it look dull. Therefore, you must protect and care for your skin to keep it fresh and rejuvenated. According to skin experts, effortless skincare acts can help you get good skin. You do not need a tedious and lengthy skincare routine


Cleansing And Moisturizing

- According to Heena Keswani, Health consultant at Health Veda Organics, cleansing and moisturizing are essential for skin care.

- Similarly, refrain from giving very long gaps in between your hair wash. Wash your hair at least twice weekly, so your scalp is dirt free and healthy.

- "During the summer, you can use a light moisturizer that will not make your skin greasy and will keep your skin moisturized," Heena emphasizes.

- Similarly, you must regularly oil your hair before washing it to keep your scalp moisturized. After washing your hair, you can apply hair serum which will keep your hair soft and moisturized without making them greasy.

Nutrition And Exercise

- Healthy lifestyle - eating healthy and exercising is crucial to your health. However, we often overlook the most superficial and primary way to care for the skin. A healthy body reflects highly on the skin too. Regular exercise and a healthy diet keep you physically active and increase blood circulation. This makes skin look naturally glowing and healthy.

- "We miss out nutrients and that's how the skin issues with ageing symptoms initiate. Therefore, one must always check their nutrition intake and ensure that they are eating properly," shares Sr. Consultant Dietician, Sanchita Pathak, Himalayan Organics.

- "Dietary supplements meet all the nutrition that we might be missing while keeping our body and skin healthy explains Dt. Sanchita Pathak, Himalayan Organics.

Protection Against Sun

- The sun's harmful UV rays cause extreme damage to the skin and hair. Apply sunscreen generously on your body for at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. In addition, wear sunglasses, so you don't get dark circles because of exposure to the sun. You can also wear a hat for sunlight protection.

- Similarly, for hair, it is advised to cover your hair before stepping out in the sun. Your hair is susceptible and delicate and therefore requires extra care and protection.


- Massage helps increase blood circulation, which keeps your skin and scalp healthy. In addition, massaging the skin with a light moisturizer helps increase the blood flow on the face and keeps the skin naturally beautiful.

- Head oil massage also helps a lot in the betterment of the scalp and hair. You can also massage your hair with oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc., at least twice a week, and this promotes blood circulation, which leads to healthy hair growth.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

- Hydrated skin always looks glowing and plump and remains naturally moisturized. In the case of hair, it is necessary to keep your scalp moisturized for healthy hair growth.

- Having 3 to 4 liters of water, fruits and vegetables that are hydrating in nature, and fresh juices are an excellent way to keep the skin hydrated.