Back To School Advice

I get poor results at maths and she (the teacher) says I don't try hard enough.

I think she's got you summed up.

I hate school and don't want to go.

It is for your benefit. Even fish know schools are useful.

I'm from Australia and our English teacher isn't very good.

What do you expect? You live in Austraaalia.

At school, we are expected to go to the gym but I don't do fit.

Keep that up and your clothing won't do fit either.

I am hopeless at Science but I really like one of the girls in the class.

At least some chemistry is going well. 

We have to do acting and I get upset when I have to do it.

You sound like a drama queen.

I broke something in class and have hidden it from the teacher. What should I do?

I think it's time for show and tell.

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