Ideas On Places To Travel To

                                                               If you like green countryside, here's an idea. Greenland!

They say Chile is a cool place to visit. 

I enjoyed my time in Greece, especially the takeaways. 

Russia is always worth a quick trip. 

I was able to garner some woven kente in Ghana.

Turkey is a fascinating place but wouldn't get my vote at Christmas time. 

I'd only go to Korea if it was a career move. 

Yap is a nice place to go to if you don't mind small dogs barking. 

If you go to Laos, watch out for parasites.

Not sure if my wife wants to go to Alaska, but I'll ask her.

I couldn't get a flight out of Iran, so I ran. 

I was disappointed with Wales. I didn't see any. 

Apparently, singers are not well paid in Singapore.

I've been into Benin.

Watch out for the 'flu in Germany.

I perused Peru. 

Take your appetite when you go to Hungary.

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