Palak Puris and Karnataka Saagu

Palak Puris

"LOH compensated for yesterday by churning out excellent: 

1. Bottle Gourd Saagu (Sorey kai in Kannada, Ghia in Hindi, Curry Karnataka style). No Chillies or Red Chilli Powder. Only Black Pepper powder for the heat.

2. Palak Pooris (boiled puréed Spinach kneaded with Whole wheat dough deep fried bread).

3. Khara boondi Raita (Savoury Chick pea flour deep fried in tiny ball form profusely dunked in Masala yoghurt) for lunch today. 

Yup, other sides were- 

1. Banana Chips (Bought from Mangalore Stores) 

2. Home made Avakai Pickle 

3. Home Made Makali Root Pickle 

4. Home made Chutney Powder. 

Sadly there is no beer at home, else would surely have helped myself with a glass or two. 

Yesterday’s sad story was:

1. Breakfast was excellent with Fenugreek Dosas (Myentya Dosai) with Chutney Powder and yeah Butter. 

2. Lunch was Palak Infused Pooris with Boondi Yoghurt and Salad, and so was Dinner!! 

Yeah LOH made Pooris at Breakfast time itself. [Lol!] 

BTW yours faithfully made the Salad. Salad was: 

1. Chopped Onions, Tomatoes and Chillies 

2. Grated Ginger 

3. Tea Spoon of freshly squeezed Lime Juice 

4. Tea Spoon of Olive Oil 

5. Salt & Pepper, and yeah Coriander Garnishing." 

Bottle Gourd Sagu
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