The Guiding Light: 10 Ways to Find Artistic Inspiration


Inspiration is a form of divine guidance that relates to anyone towards their pursuit of happiness in this world, but even more so, if you’re an artist.

To create, you need a guiding light.

The more inspiration you have, the more creative you are. It comes freely to those who do what they love and agonizes those who follow undesired paths.

If you are an artist, you require artistic fuel to ignite the creative engine of your imagination to permeate the world with your creations. Thus, imagination sets you free with endless creations, if stroked by the spirit of art.   

Its only nemesis is frustration itself.   

In that regard, here are some basic concepts to keep in mind before looking for ways to become artistically inspired:

Firsthand Inspiration

Inspiration firsthand knowledge motivation traveling

The physical action of acquiring direct personal experiences from the environment on a given subject in order to get inspirational ideas to bring about a creation in your part.  This concept also includes one's involvement in new activities for the purpose of stimulating ideas by those actions.   

In this perspective, firsthand inspiration allows a person to come up with his or her own direct understandings and conclusions for the sake of inspiration.

Secondhand Inspiration

Secondhand Inspiration Learning Reading Movies

The mental action of searching and gaining indirect experiences through vicarious means by accepting other people's ideas and discoveries with the hope of finding new inspirational ideas of your own to help you create. 

In this case, it means that one is trying to gain inspiration from reading books, watching movies or learning about other people point of views.   

This second approach is considered to be more effective because one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel on something every time or travel 3,000 miles to experience or learn something new. 

Trappings of Frustration

Frustration Stress Anxious Fears Signs Annoyed

The feeling of not knowing what to do could drive a person’s mind to lower levels of emotions, leading to frustration or worse.    

These unfavorable emotions, whenever not addressed in time, could evolve into stress, fear, and anxiety. If these negative factors escalate, one could fall into a point of no return. This is where one’s personal hopes for inspiration gets taken away.   

It’s essential that a person continues to find more motivations from life, than life can take away from him or her. That way, they can stay afloat towards their creative goals and create much more as a result.  

Life is always going to be there, whether one is facing it or not. Either way, it’s good to stay on your toes for any curb balls that life might throw your way to keep you unmotivated.  


Simply envision existence itself as a public gallery full of artistic creations, and you’re part of the overall presentation. You can inspire or be inspired.   

If you find yourself seeking for artistic inspiration, try these steps:   

Wake up each morning by telling yourself that today is a brand-new beginning for you. Then, keep it up until it starts to become real for you. This includes looking at things in your surroundings long enough till you start noticing something new about them each day.

Envision yourself in someone else shoes and try to see what they see. It might broaden your horizons from the perspective of others. A simple shift of view could go a long way in revealing new understanding about life that could lead to new inspirations.   

Discover inspirational quotes by reading books or articles that might resonate with you. Then, place them around your home inside picture frames, so you can always be reminded of such positive ideas or just make a long list of favorite quotes, so you can refer to them whenever you’re feeling uninspired or down. If they inspired you once, they might have the power to inspire you again.   

Make a vision board of everything you would like to accomplish in the near or far future. It can help you visualize your thoughts and bring forth new realizations. This very action of placing your personal goals onto a vision board can assist you in freeing your thoughts to a certain extent where you don’t have to think about them anymore, instead you get to look at them.   

Add new artistic elements to your home that appeals to you. Your home decorations are an indirect reflection of you. If feasible, you might want to transform your home into an embodiment of inspiration.

Clean and organize your home as if it was a white-glove service whenever you find it to be messy because it could have some negative influence upon one's mental state. If it is, there is no reason to feel bad about it, life happens. Sometimes one is dealing with so much stress that one tends to forget or feels too apathetic to do any chores. It’s just a friendly reminder. Every person has had his or her ups and downs, but it’s all about standing up again and moving forward with life. 

Find yourself a new hobby to get involved in, especially something entirely different from what you would normally do as part of your own personal growth. You can start doing yoga, hiking, swimming, golf, sailing, painting, gardening, or anything else you might enjoy doing for fun. It will expand and diversify your experiences in life, thus bringing in new inspirations.

Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. It could be any animal of your choice, whether it’s a dog or a cat or even fish from the pet store. It can be very uplifting and therapeutic for an individual to have such an animal at home. If you ever had a pet, you’ll know that animals sometimes can do the darnedest things for attention or fun, which could contribute to your ideas.    

Go to the store and buy a lot of indoor plants based on what's workable for you and place them around your home. They are known to reduce stress, have therapeutic benefits when one is working with them, or change one's overall attitude for the better by introducing them to your daily life.   

Strive to always be yourself. It might be surprising to some, but sometimes people unfortunately can become really stressed out about being liked or admired by other people. Or they are desperately trying to fit in somehow that they start forgetting who they really are and become something else. So, there might be amazing inspirations awaiting you by simply being yourself.   

Art plays an intricate part of existence, with inspiration as its basic foundation. 

Create and contribute your own aesthetic elements as you please, and leave your own artistic touch for the world to see. 

So, use it and set your creativity free.  

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