Today I Learned

 Today I begin this series called "Today I learned," wherein I hope to enlist one to three things that I either learned for the first time, or something that I re-visited and learned again. Considering this is a food blog, I hope to include at least one new food related thing that I learn. 

1. The first thing I was excited to learn early this morning was that today happens to be Stamen Grigorov's birthday and death day. [b: October 27 1878, d: October 27 1945] He was a microbiologist and a physician who discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus- the stuff that converts milk to yogurt. I have seen these rod shaped bacteria plenty of times under the microscope back in school, but don't recall learning his name. Well, thank you Google! 

2. Today I learned a great lesson on patience. I got myself an unglazed clay cooking pot, only to find out that it came with absolutely no instructions whatsoever on how to use it. Google to the rescue. Found a great YouTube video that explains the process of how to season a clay cooking pot before using. To sum up, after about only 30 hours I just whipped up an excellent claypot of fish curry. Oh, it's simply delicious. Patience certainly paid off, at least in case of the claypot! 

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