Steamed Dumplings, Plantain Stem, and Lentil Rasam

 Better-half was in one of her better moods today (probably since I am taking her out for a movie- 'Saho' in the evening)! Our Movie going is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences. 

She prepared a grand, very traditional, but rare items for lunch today: 

1. Toovar Dal Steamed Dumplings infused with Fenugreek Leaves: It is called Nuchchina Unde in Kannada and Kandauntlu in Telugu.

2. Banana Stem Sautéed And Boiled in Tempered Curds: Called Baledindina Majjige Huli in Kannada.

3. Village Style Lentil Saaru (Rasam) with karipatta-coriander leaves: Freshly desiccated coconut tempering. Lentils were slow boiled without pressure cooker.

4. Barnyard Millet (Oodalu Millet) cooked Rice Style. 

5. Yesterday's Hitkidbele Kootu (curry made from Surat Paapdi Beans, Dolicos Lab lab to be exact).

6. Curds (Nandini Brand)


Actually I missed Paapads, Vadaams (sandige), fried dried savoury chillies and ginger- red dried chillies coconut chutney as accompaniments for the lovely meal. But I kept my “tongue shackled” (Zabaan ko daala Lagaam) and ate the lovely lunch with appreciative remarks now and then to ensure that my Dharam Patni (lawfully wedded wife) turns out some exquisite food regularly! 


With such a kind of lunch my eye-lids are getting heavy and it is time for my 40 winks!"

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