What Am I Driving?


Below there are riddles that identify which model car I drive. If you cant work it out, there is a clue further down the page numbered the same as the riddle. If you still can't work it out, leave a message I will reveal the answer.

1) I went to a dance class and people jokingly said my car suited it perfectly. 

2) My car is a free spirited model, harking back to the American wild west.

3) My car very quick.

4) I think they should have named my car the Arabica. 

5) I went to a multistory car park, but on my return, I realised I hadn't take note of which floor I had parked on.

6) My wife had an accident in the car. I wanted to support her by saying she was in the right but it was her fault.


If you have to peek....

1) It's a small Honda hatchback.

2) I sometimes just horse around in it. 

3) It's as quick as a bird.

4) It's a new model Hyundai. 

5) I was in a hurry and lost my focus.

6) I couldn't defend her.

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