Europe Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)


Registrations for June was -17% and for the first six months of 2022 was -14% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure compares six months of this year with the total 2021 share. Green means market share gain but not necessarily an increase in sales. Figures are distorted by supply issues. 

No brand was able to secure double digit share so far this year. As usual, VW leads with a clear gap to second. Toyota meanwhile is gradually improving its position with steady, incremental gains. Some of the smaller brands are doing well, green being a prominent colour further down the list.

As new brands arrive due to a push for greener cars, unusual names are popping up. The Hongqi should sell well in Italy. The German electric start up brand e-Go is not lacking in confidence. JACs are starting to hit the road too. 

Data source: JATO Dynamics.

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