Interpreting What Is Said

 People say things but what do they really mean? First, the setting (bold type), then what is said and finally (in italics) what they are really feeling.

Talking on the phone:

"I'll let you go".

I want to finish this conversation but I'll make it sound like that's what you want.

After you make a suggestion:

"I'll bear that in mind".

They are trying to sound open to the suggestion but have already decided against it and don't wish to discuss it. 

When invited to go somewhere:

"I might join you later"

They wish to appear like they want to come but are not keen at all.

Two ladies conversing at a swish party: 

"What a lovely dress you're wearing".

Why do you have to look so darned gorgeous?

A rarely seen friend suddenly turns up at your home: 

"What do you think of my new car?"

I love to show off and make everyone else feel green with envy.

During a conversation:

"You must come to dinner sometime".

I have no intention of ever specifically inviting you but want to give the impression I do.

After you tell someone something you are about to do:

"That's very brave"

Are you seriously considering that?

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