Monarch Butterflies : Part 6

 Our last entry for the year. I appreciate the funny side of the blog has been overshadowed by the butterfly situation. The jokes ares still there, just click on a subject to the right. Anyway, this last blog reveals the randy side of the Monarch butterfly.

I had a newborn female reluctant to fly away from the swan plant. I tried to coax her to go and all she did was fly a few inches and attach herself to my arm, steadfastly refusing to budge. I've always had that kind of magnetism. After about ten minutes I took her over to some flowers nearby and managed to get the love struck butterfly onto a flower.

My first selfie with a butterfly
No sooner had I taken two steps back when a male swooped down on top of her and made sure she was primed to lay eggs. She hadn't even taken any sustenance since entering the chrysalis stage.

If that wasn't bad enough another suitor arrived and was trying to take over. It wasn't able to cut in on the activities but was very persistent nonetheless. My camera wasn't set up for action movement but you can see well enough what was happening. They don't waste any time getting on with the necessary functions of life.

If at first you don't succeed....

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