News Headlines

Dietary advice:

"Can Beetroot make you run faster?"

If you need a laxative, no harm in giving it a try.


After a crocodile attack: 

"I was very lucky"

An understatement to say the least.


Covid contact:

"PM sorry for clubbing after Covid contact"

 There is no justification for assault.


At a safety meeting:

"Safety meeting ends in accident"

Pay attention at meetings!


Cricket match headline:

"India beat India by seven wickets"

Beating yourself is no mean feat.


A Mayor told the homeless:

"Go home"

I think they would if they could.


Disgruntled murderer:

"...detective ruined my reputation"

And you didn't ruin it yourself?


Tennis news:

“Are we saying goodbye to the GOATS at Wimbledon?” 

I thought the grass was mown, not nibbled.
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