Sayings That Never Quiet Made It

 Sayings are a concise way to say something that paints a word picture in our minds and then drives home a salient point. What are some sayings that could have made it but didn't?

Pic: Giallo Zafferano

1) Don't put all your eggs in one omelette.

Sounds OK but if you haven't got many eggs you may have to use them all. It didn't crack the popular list.

2) Four eyes are better than two.

The more people looking for something the better but the connotation with someone wearing spectacles may have clouded people's vision.  

3) People who live in glass houses need good curtains.

Hiding behind objects while undressing would be a pain.

4) Fortune favours those that save well.

A brave effort but unfortunately never found favour. 

5) Honesty is the softest pillow.

An honest person will have a good conscience but for some reason, a sleeper.

6) If you can't beat them, then you had better run fast.

Sound advice but one that got away.

7) The early bird gets the burnt toast.

It just didn't worm its way into our hearts.

8) When in Rome, do as the tourists do.

Well, that's what most visitors do anyway when they roam around the city.

9) The journey of a thousand miles starts with a prod on the accelerator.

It probably would have taken off on but feet were around long before cars were.    

10) Nothing succeeds like a budgerigar.

It had potential but never took flight.

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