Russia Model Sales : August 2022


Passenger cars: On the model front, the departure of Western brands is very much having an impact. Russian and Chinese (shaded yellow) are more prominent. The Granta and Niva are doing the best for Lada as the assembly has restarted for those models. 

Geely assembles cars in Belarus so I assume that is helping that brand. The Coolray was the fifth best selling model in August. I'd probably buy one just for the name alone. 

Of the foreign brands, Hyundai and Kia seem the slowest to be exiting, possibly due to higher stock levels. One would assume by the end of the year they will all have cleared the decks so to speak.

Data source: AEB.

Light Commercials: Russian LCV manufacturers GAZ and UAZ have always been fairly strong anyway but for now at least they have the market much to themselves. Chinese firm DFM is already getting in on the act and that may be the start of many more Chinese models to come.

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