The Artistic Pens: Why Ink Matters

The world awaits your artistic mark.

If not written or drawn, it’ll never last.

Seize the moment before you miss your mark.

Glorious beginnings, looking for your mark.

Embrace your thoughts, so they leave a mark.

Mark this moment as your new start.

Take writing and drawing as your new way of life.

Symbolic Trail

Ink has flown through the hands of man for several millennia.

As various civilizations emerged and evolved in the passing of time, they created their own inks to suit their own purposes for writing and drawing from distinct formulas that they discovered.

It’s a watery substance that gets tinted with certain colors, so it can be used for symbolic, literary or artistic reasons. This substance goes back about five thousands years ago from Egyptian and Chinese origins.

The original substance that was used for ink by ancient civilizations was soot, which they found from the remains of fire. It's believed that it started from this substance.

Due to the common usage of ink for writing and drawing throughout the ages, such instruments as the quill eventually came into being, leading to various evolving pens up to modern times.

The pen has been acting as a carrier for much creativity to come, with ink as its main source. It has left timeless artistic impressions upon the minds of man.

As man’s discoveries and technologies progressed, writing and drawing followed parallel tracks in development, leading to more efficient means as in printing and digital illustrations.

These advancements such as in printing allowed the communication of ideas between individuals and the masses to be spread at a much faster rate.

On the other hand, this digital age has brought mankind an instant global reach to billions of people around the world. It’s an unprecedented global phenomenon.

Why Ink Matters?

Much of man’s creative and intellectual future depends upon this.

This substance itself is meaningless, but impinged upon by creative minds it's totally priceless.

It has been serving as a carrier of hope, creativity, and knowledge for man.

When observed in its creative final form by any given man, it eternally lives forevermore amongst their thoughts and emotions. Thus, manifesting itself as new inspiration towards their demeanor, creativity, and aspirations in life.

It has allowed man to express itself in ways that oral communication isn’t able to do.

There are certain mental concepts that can’t be verbalized, sometimes from one individual to another with the purpose of gaining full understanding between the two. But instead, it requires an artistic touch from writing or drawing to bring forth comprehension.

This basic element of color when used artistically it has the power to change one’s world or even the world itself, as we know it through aesthetics.

So, use it to make a different for yourself and the life of others.

The Essentials: Artistic Pens

In the world of writing and drawing, there are many choices as to what kind of pens you should use to start embarking upon this artistic journey.

These are the essentials for anyone to have on hand:

– It's a pen with an ink cartridge that allows ink to flow freely to the nip.

– It's a pen with a felt tip, which has many compacted fibers to help store the ink.

– It’s a pen with a paintbrush at the end with an ink cartridge similar to a fountain pen.

Each one of the above artistic pens has their own unique features.

Your Artistic Mark

The world is waiting for your mark.

Mark this moment, as it’s yours.

The future is as bright as you mark it now.

Written or drawn is all for you to have.

Share your creations so they forever last.

Use artist pens to leave your mark.

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