The World of Doodling: 3 Ways to Be a Doodler


Doodle Pen Pencil Drawing Art

This is an exploration into the world of doodling.

Anyone has the ability to scribble away.

Such skill embraces modern ways.

Rest assured that it wouldn’t go away.

Understanding of its ways will bring new ways.

Doodling might be the next artistic niche.

What’s Doodling All About?

Doodle Pen Pencil Drawing Art

Well, believe it or not, doodling has to do with art.

Doodling is the act of drawing random or conceptual ideas on paper, while one’s thoughts are wandering off elsewhere.   

The drawings that are produced from doodling are usually composed of simple random lines or abstract concepts, meanwhile the pen continues to flow uninterrupted in most cases without ever lifting the pen.

This word appeared a few centuries ago. Its meaning continued to slightly change as time went on, but in general, it comes from the idea of doing nothing, foolishness or foolish creations made when his or her mind was someplace else.

The Art of Doodling

Doodle Pen Pencil Drawing Art

Anyone can doodle with an artistic purpose.

It takes no effort, so just doodle away.

This skill of doodling, it's an innate ability imprinted in everyone.

There are 3 ways to become a doodler:  

1. Can’t Help But Doodle.

You’re probably sitting at home watching your favorite TV shows while chitchatting over the phone with your girlfriend. As you’re getting interested or bored in the conversation, your other hand starts finding its own rhythm as you scribble away. It’s natural, so doodle as you please.

As a note, the latest Generation Z has partially transition from doodling to “text doodling” in recent times.

Text doodling is a new coined term. It explains the behavior of a person who has a second electronic device or phone in their opposite hand instead of a pen or pencil. While they are talking to someone else over the phone, they scroll through their second device thoughtlessly. 

2. Doodling for Fun.

You could be totally bored out of your mind for whatever reason. Then, you consciously decide to go ahead and doodle away for fun by scribbling things on the margins of a notebook or some scrap piece of paper to keep yourself entertained. The hand is mostly free flowing without much thought in mind, but you're aware of the doodling.

3. The Professional Doodler.   

You could possibly end up finding this as a surprise, but you could become a professional doodler.

Doodlers at this level are actually quite productive for those who manage to get involved in this niche. They are doodling as cartoonists, illustrators, graphic designers and more.

Doodling for Health  

Doodle Pen Pencil Drawing Art

Stay in the moment through doodling.

As a person starts experiencing boredom, disinterest or mentally wandering off into space, doodling assists them in keeping their attention in the present to some degree.  Person remains aware enough of what's going on in his or her surroundings to avoid daydreaming.

Memory improvement is another factor of useful doodling in regard to educational grasp of information as part of one’s study materials.

Some people find doodling therapeutic for releasing some stress. It helps them avoid getting loss in endless thoughts of unpleasant experiences or concerns that they might have by staying in the moment.

Doodling with Style

Doodle Pen Pencil Drawing Art

If you doodle, do it with style.

Find high quality pens that match your sense of taste.

Each pen has its own personality, so find the one that hits the spot for you.  

Make the quality count for your doodling. 

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