The New Range Rover Sport

A design director at Mazda was recently asked if he liked what others were doing in vehicle design. He said he wasn't and talked about an identity crisis for other manufacturers. Well, he needs to get out more. 

I do agree that some car brands do have an issue with defining their style and others could make their vehicles more attractive. However, to speak dismissively of all other design languages is over the top, perhaps a tad conceited. I'm not a fan of cars with overly elongated bonnets so design opinions are subjective.

Take the new Range Rover Sport for example. I wondered what they would do with the new model as it was always going to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I think they hit the sweet spot with super clean surfaces that look fresh and yet retain the traditional Range Rover Sport look. I haven't seen it in the metal but would imagine it will look even more impressive. 

Now it's not to say I don't have issues with the new model. For one, it would barely fit in my garage. I could manage but I'd have to move it back slightly to work at my garage bench. In addition, it's not really in my price bracket nor for that matter suited to my modest lifestyle. 

That doesn't stop me from admiring the design and I'm happy that others will enjoy owning it. I'm sure they will also admire its lines as they approach it each morning. I think that's important. I know a Mazda wouldn't have that effect on me, no offense intended Jo. 

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